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Advocacy for native mobile platforms

Bear Douglas, of Twitter, spoke at DevRelCon San Francisco about the specifics of developer advocacy for native mobile communities.

Here’s how Bear described her talk in her submission:

Mobile has gotten plenty of buzz over the past five years as more and more people purchase smartphones and as the app marketplace has exploded in size (3.1 million apps as of July 2015!). But if you look for mobile conferences, you’ll see far more results for marketing, growth, and strategy for native apps than for developer tools or tech. So where are all the developers?

In this session, Bear will cover what’s different and what’s the same when you approach developer advocacy for native mobile platforms; what’s been effective, and what hasn’t; and how the Twitter team thinks about growing the platform.

Recorded at DevRelCon San Francisco 2016. Call for papers for DevRelCon London 2016 is now open.

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Location: remote, conference for distributed teams and remote workers


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