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Building open source communities: decentralisation and empowerment

Jade Wang, of Sandstorm.io, explained her approach to building open source developer communities in this talk at DevRelCon San Francisco 2016.

In this talk filmed at DevRelCon San Francisco 2016, Jade describes her approach to building open source developer communities.

Here’s the summary of her talk:

Open source projects are evaluated not only on the code, but their communities, so it is important to be intentional about community building.

This presentation will make the case for the radically decentralized philosophy (in contrast to top-down governance) behind the thriving community programs Jade built at Sandstorm.io (and previously at Meteor), illustrated with case studies from the trenches, and explain how to cultivate that community from the ground up.

Case studies: 1) SandForms, origin story of how a team at ThoughtWorks came together to build a Sandstorm app for their social impact work, 2) Discover Meteor, a story from personal introduction to open source Reddit clone to the premier textbook in the Meteor ecosystem.

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Location: remote, conference for distributed teams and remote workers


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