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Everyone is an evangelist

Justin Kestelyn, of Cloudera, gives his DevRelCon San Francisco 2016 talk on the scaling developer evangelism through community.

Justin Kestelyn spoke at DevRelCon San Francisco 2016.

The “professional evangelist” role is often a luxury for larger companies that have the resources to identify and hire specialists across large communities over a long periods of time. For companies in growth mode and/or that are building new communities, it can be far more effective to mobilise existing roles (most specifically the Engineering org, of course) across the company as a force for scalable, sustainable, and often more authentic, evangelism. And in some companies, these models can even be successfully combined to “manufacture” internal as well as external evangelists.

Justin explains the differences between these two models and provides case studies (based on personal experience) about how they have been employed in companies large and small, how success is measured, and how to bootstrap your own program.


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