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Practicing holistic evangelism

Grace Francisco spoke at DevRelCon San Francisco about building a coherent developer relations strategy.

From Grace’s talk abstract:

We know there’s nothing holy about what we do and few of us really like being asked if we’re the religious kind of evangelist. Although obviously there’s shared commonality in both types in that the key ingredient you must have is a deep passion in what you are representing.

There’s a broad spectrum of evangelism practices out there today — it’s an ever evolving art and practice — are you taking a balanced approach and considering all the strategies and tactics?

Have you aligned your activities and goals around the specific needs of your audience and your business? There isn’t a one size fits all developer strategy. Developer Evangelism — also known as Developer Advocacy, Developer Relations, and that team with Rainbow-Pooping Unicorns — can span speaker programs, partner recruitment, event management, technical support, developer docs, developer marketing (shhhhh don’t tell!!!) and so much more. This session aims to help you consider the breadth and depth of evangelism practices and how to apply them for your business.

We’ll walk through specific examples and learnings from building developer portals, online community sites, building a team and setting goals. Hear some insights and learnings from a 10+ year vet in Evangelism who has had almost the full gamut of experience in developer evangelism from commercial/enterprise, OSS and FinTech. The fun never stops in evangelism!


This talk was recorded at DevRelCon San Francisco 2016.

Founder of Hoopy, the developer relations consultancy. Need help with your developer relations? Book your free consultation with Hoopy.

Location: remote, conference for distributed teams and remote workers


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