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The Apache way: community over code

In this talk recorded at DevRelCon San Francisco 2016, Roman Shaposhnik of Pivotal and The Apache Software Foundation describes the Apache model for building and sustaining developer communities.

What lessons can the Apache Software Foundation those of us building developer communities elsewhere? In this talk, Roman takes us through the Apache way of running developer communities.

Here’s the abstract for his talk:

For 15 years, the Apache Software Foundation has been developing the software that powers the Internet, from the Apache Web Server to Hadoop and Spark — ASF is well known for industry transforming projects powering billion dollar industries.

Come learn about how the key principle that made ASF’s success possible can be applied to your communities resulting in vibrant, self-governing projects. This governance process known as the Apache Way puts community front and center and empowers individuals to collaborate in the most unrestricted way. Better yet, once you understand its core principles you can apply it to any community project — you don’t have to be part of ASF to benefit from the Apache Way.

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Location: remote, conference for distributed teams and remote workers


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