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Understanding burnout

SendGrid’s Brandon West talks at DevRelCon London 2015 on burnout.

The first of our videos from DevRelCon London 2015 is of Brandon West’s talk “Understanding Burnout”.

Brandon defines what burnout is and discusses a framework for talking about different kinds of burnout, with an emphasis on the types most common among evangelists. He describes why it’s important to know about and talk about burnout for both employees and managers, and provides advice on how to spot burnout.

About Brandon

Brandon West joined SendGrid as their first Developer Evangelist in 2011 after working as a developer for eleven years. Four years and hundreds of thousands of miles later, you can still find him at developer events talking APIs and drinking IPAs.

Founder of Hoopy, the developer relations consultancy. Need help with your developer relations? Book your free consultation with Hoopy.

Location: remote, conference for distributed teams and remote workers


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