Join the DevRelCon unconf on July 30!

DevRelCon Earth 2020 kicked off week 1 on June 30 and July 2 with keynote speakers such as Sarah Novotny, Anjuan Simmons, Mike Stowe, and April Speight! They helped clarify our strengths in DevRel and Community management, and how we might lend that privilege to many communities and individuals in need. We’d like to extend this goal by including unconf opportunities for you to speak on July 30, 2020¬†especially if you’re new to DevRel and speaking!

We’re excited to see all of you tuning in to DevRelCon Earth on Tuesdays and Thursdays this month for our almost-around-the-globe programming in Asia, EMEA, and Americas time zones! More importantly, thanks for your questions and comments in our DevRelCon slack channel. Keep them coming!

DevRelCon Earth continues this month with amazing speakers each week through our final day, July 30. We will close out that day with speakers from Asia, plus a special program that spans EMEA and the Americas. That program includes

  • an unconf with opportunities for new speakers or for someone you’d like to nominate
  • a panel on hiring for DevRel with pointers for how you can prepare your job applications and interviews
  • a closing keynote conversation with clear actions to lend our unique privilege, knowledge, skills, and networks for communities and causes in need.

Submit to our unconf CFP and we’ll fit in as many speakers as possible.

We have 5 more days of fantastic talks, including the unconf. Check out the schedule and register at to get all of the links to watch the session and interact with the community! Our Slack channel is where you can meet the speakers, ask questions, have discussions with community members, as well as post your resumes and see job postings in the #job channel!

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Tamao Nakahara


Tamao Nakahara

Head of Developer Experience at Weaveworks and co-organiser of DevXcon.

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