Woot! DevRelCon San Francisco is back for two great days of sessions, amazing speakers, unconference, and networking June 1-2, 2020!

We’ll be covering Developer Relations, Marketing, and Experience from introductory to advanced levels.

CFP due January 5, 2020

Submit an abstract to the CFP before it closes Sunday, January 5, 2020!

Metrics Metrics Metrics!

Our theme for 2020 is about metrics from two angles: DevRel metrics and Dev Productivity metrics. Many of us are in DevRel because we have amazing technology that we hope will make our users’ lives easier. Many of us are looking at tools and products that will make our teams’ lives easier, increasingly called “Developer Productivity.” DevRelCon SF 2020 will cover how to bring these two together to a happy place where users get the tools that they can’t live without.

The two angles will cover:

1) DevRel/community success metrics for your company’s overall success
How do you communicate your or your team’s DevRel value? What metrics help when translating your value to Sales, Corporate Marketing, Partnerships, and executive leadership?
Are you selling products or open source projects that help your customer’s productivity? Then, how do you measure and communicate your value?

2) Measuring your dev or ops team’s productivity
Are you purchasing tools or suggesting open source projects for your team? If so, how do you measure value, on boarding pains, and potential resistance from your team?
Have companies communicated product features and values that aren’t what you need? If so, how can they improve?

DevRel and the Happy Place

We all have products in our homes that we absolutely love. We have software that we are willing to nerd out about if anyone asks. (Anyone here running a beloved deprecated piece of software in Windows XP inside a VM? You know who you are … )


When you have that magical experience of buying software that you love – these days – it likely included some type of successful alignment between “DevRel” efforts to connect with your needs.

So let’s talk about it … at DevRelCon SF 2020!

We’ll bring together speakers, attendees, and topics for a rich learning and sharing experience! Great DevRel minimizes an awkward mismatch between sellers and buyers. Well-measured and well-executed DevRel gets everyone to a happy place.

Don’t miss the chance to be part of the conversation!

Much love,

Tamao Nakahara
Co-Founder, DevRelCon SF

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Tamao Nakahara


Tamao Nakahara

Head of Developer Experience at Weaveworks and co-organiser of DevXcon.

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