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Announcing DevRelCon Beijing 2017

DevRelCon comes to China on May 6th!

Developer relations and developer marketing are two rapidly developing and intimately related fields. It’s exciting to watch them spread across the world and see more companies look to build authentic developer experiences and developer communities.

So, it’s massively exciting to announce that DevRelCon Beijing will be happening on May 6th at MeePark in the city’s Universal Creative Park! Hoopy’s partners at DevEco are organising this edition of DevRelCon and they promise an exciting day with 12 speakers from China, the US and Europe.

Whether you’re looking to learn about developer relations or you want to get to know the Chinese developer scene, you should join us in Beijing.

The call for papers is open, DevEco are welcoming sponsorships and tickets are available now.

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Location: remote, conference for distributed teams and remote workers


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