Next week we at Hoopy will be running the fourth DevRelCon London and the eleventh event in the series overall.

Since that first DevRelCon back in 2015, above a Sainsbury’s supermarket in Shoreditch, we’ve brought together hundreds of developer relations professionals in London, San Francisco, Tokyo, Beijing and Suzhou.

Increasingly, we’re also seeing people from the commercial side of companies who want to learn how to create successful API organisations, strategies and businesses. Take banks, for example. In response to open banking laws, European banks are now beginning their own API journeys. The challenges they face include developer relations but there’s also the whole questions of how to operate an API business inside a more traditional, less tech-focused organisation.

That’s why we’re launching Mission API, a conference about the business and strategy of APIs. It’s taking place in Euston, London, on March 6th and will feature a programme of talks and networking for the people whose job is to look after the business and strategy side of APIs.

If you have something to share, the call for papers is open now. And if you want to attend, super-early bird tickets are available now.

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Matthew Revell

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