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CLSxEurope 2016

The Community Leadership Summit is returning to Europe on October 16th in London.

CLSxEurope brings the Community Leadership Summit to an EU audience. Following its kick off in Berlin during Linuxtag in May 2014, CLSxEurope will, this year, be held on Sunday October 16 in London prior to OSCON.

The Community Leadership Summit is the leading peer-to-peer knowledge sharing event for technology community managers, leaders, and builders. The event  creates a space  where new and seasoned community leaders can share and learn from each other and thus grow the art,  science, and profession of community leadership and management.

As with all CLS events, the program will be a combination of plenary sessions and participant driven open space sessions. We’re also pleased to announce we have 3 keynote speakers this year that warm up the crowd for the unconference part of CLSxEurope.

CLSxEurope is themed with ‘borderless community’ this year. On the one hand, huge improvements have been made in communication; on the other, there is still a long way to go to achieve true ‘borderless’ interaction.

“Community Knows No Border”.

Registration, sponsoring and more on www.clsxeurope.com

Ben van t' Ende


Ben van t' Ende

Consultant at Age of Peers

Location: remote, conference for distributed teams and remote workers


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