Exciting news! We’ve confirmed the full line-up of speakers for the first developer relations conference in Asia: DevRelCon Beijing!

Organised by Suzhuo-based DevEco and developer relations consultancy Hoopy, DevRelCon Beijing is taking place on May 6 and will feature speakers including:

  • Quincy Larson, founder of FreeCodeCamp
  • Jiang Tao, founder of the Chinese Software Developer Network
  • Joe Nash, of GitHub
  • Katalin Nagygyörgy, of Pronovix
  • Phil Leggetter, of Nexmo
  • Atsushi Nakatsugawa, of Moongift
  • Felix Yan, of Microsoft
  • Me, Matthew Revell, of Hoopy.

You can still get tickets, and see the full speaker line-up, on the event website. Join us on May 6th at Meepark in Beijing.

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Matthew Revell


Matthew Revell

Founder of Hoopy, the developer relations consultancy. Need help with your developer relations? Book your free consultation with Hoopy.

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