If you’ve wanted to learn what it takes to land a job in DevRel, Community management, or Developer Experience, here’s your chance to talk with hiring managers from Microsoft, Google, Hashicorp, and MongoDB!

Don’t miss July 30 (Thursday) 9:05 – 9:50 am Pacific Time for this amazing roundtable!!!

Register at 2020.devrel.net to get all of the links to watch, Slack your questions to the speakers, and join the community conversation!

Our amazing speakers – Jeff Sandquist (Microsoft), Grace Francisco (MongoDB), Uttam Tripathi (Google), and Adam FitzGerald (Hashicorp) – will answer all of your questions and cover the following and more:

  • what hiring managers look for on your LinkedIn page, GitHub profile, and other social platforms.
  • where they search for your work online (YouTube, blog posts, docs and other writing samples).
  • where they look for your technical contributions (sample apps, open source work, etc).
  • what they look for in your community contributions.
  • what they notice on your resume and cover letter.
  • what stands out in the initial interview.
  • if there’s a technical component to the interview, what stands out.
  • what’s important for the follow-up interviews.
  • what should you look for in the hiring manager and the team to set up yourself for success in the new role?

Don’t miss this amazing roundtable on the final day of DevRelCon Earth!

DevRel, Community management, Open Source community engagement, Dev Marketing, DX, and more are growing and evolving fields. The needs for each of these areas varies greatly depending on the company, its products, its business model, its maturity, etc. Join this panel to hear what the top hiring managers are looking for, how their years of experience helps them to hire well, and what they can share that will help you to land a job in DevRel!

Register at 2020.devrel.net to get all of the links to watch, Slack your questions to the speakers, and join the community conversation!

See you on July 30 (Thursday) 9:05 – 9:50 am Pacific Time for the roundtable, which will be followed by unconf sessions and a closing keynote roundtable on using our DevRel and community management skills to causes and organizations that need our advocacy! DevRelCon Earth is closing with a bang!

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